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    Clean Eating: 15 Ways To Get Started

    Ask a dietitian what their least favorite phrase about nutrition is and I bet that ‘clean eating’ is on the list. Clean eating has an infinite number of meanings depending on who you are and what your nutrition guidelines are.

    6 Tips to Reduce Inflammation and Disease Risk

    Inflammation is an essential component of human physiology as it allows us to deal with bumps and bruises as well as more virulent attackers of our immune system. However, when inflammation goes unchecked

    Pre-Workout Nutrition: What To Eat Before Your Workout

    What should I eat before a big CrossFit competition? What can I do to optimize my performance, whether it be a 5K Race, WOD, or a 3-hour bike ride? These are the questions I'll try and answer for you in this post.

    Men and Whey Protein

    When research was first published on resistance training, protein supplementation, and how to increase muscle-mass one thing quickly became obvious: protein is a vital nutrient for men looking to build muscle mass. Since muscle cells are made up of amino acids, it was an easy connection. However, this notion was quickly blown out of proportion when most iron pumping males decided that if a little extra protein was necessary, you might as well eat the whole cow.

    Women and Whey Protein

    As a coach/trainer, I'm always bombarded with questions on how whey protein supplements play a role for women. Here I want to discuss why women don’t get fat on whey protein plus 3 other myths I'd like to dispel. Let's jump into it!

    You are the Independent Variable

    Every journey has its fair share of challenges. We just chose to embrace a certain type of attitude. The Never Give Up, Back Down, or Stay Down, type of attitude; the Never Too Early, Never Too Late, type of attitude; the Sun Ain’t Rising Before Me, type of attitude. You know the feeling. The challenges in the gym, the boardroom, the office politics, the bad break up—those are the constants. The outcome is 100% attitude. You are the independent variable, YOU are (X).